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India's #1 Health and Insurance Information Exchange (HIE) Platform and is an awesome patient portal built on medico-social networking. Leverage the power of your existing EHR data for true interoperability with mycarevault Nationwide eHealth Architecture (NeHA)™ and Unified Health Data Symentics (UHDS)™ at no Cost.

Patient Care Transitions

OPD Appointments to IP Admissions, Orders to Results, with just one single mycarevault account

If you're fed up with online appointment scheduling portals and hassles at providers that just don't fully encompass your needs, it's time for you to get engaged with mycarevault. Build a better version of you and your health timeline. Using mycarevault, you can create your own patient and providers community with ease!.Find patients with similar conditions,discuss, share, and interact with your care providers like never before.


Single medical UUID

With medical UUID, you can create and sync digital health repository from all your providers


Create & Share Instantly

Share your health profile, trackers, reports and other historical data with your doctor,before they see you.


Let your doctor know

With mycarevault, let your doctor know how you are feeling, your symptoms and track your health status online.


Health Notifications

Get realtime notifications about health weather, disease forecast arround you and your health maintenance alerts.

Access to Continuity of Care Document

Get all your Diagnostic Reports and Prescriptions digitalized for Absolutely FREE!

Yes! mycarevault converts anything which is connected with internet to securely transfer your care records,regardless of the hospital or the doctor is in compliance to mycarevault Health Information Exchange.Your medical records can be available before you arrive at the hospital, your care team will know your medical history beforehand.

Free and Secure from your physician to you!

A secure portal for Personal health, tele-health monitoring and remote health education that facilitates convenient and better communication.


Persoanl Health Records

Create and update your personal health records in just 5 minutes and track Symptoms, Conditions, Medications, Allergies. You can update your family’s health records too!


Patient "Qpass""

With mycarevault Qpass, skip "Q" at any care facility and doctor who is a member organization in NeHA™. No standing or waiting any more!


Patient e-FORMS

With e-FORMS users can digitally fill any forms required by the facility or doctors at your comfort. With a single card swipe, they can receive forms immediately.


Doctor's e-Appointments

e-Appointments is built with UHDS™ platform. It provides live status of your appointment with any provider, notifies you the metrics of traffic and weather.


Care Coordination Alerts

Each time after you visit a dcotor,let mycarevault alert you about refills, health maintenance, appointments, reports, assessments and health tips.


e-Prescriptions & e-Orders

Now with mycarevault HIE, your orders for blood tests, X-ray, CT, MRI, ECG and Prescriptions can reach testing center electronically almost instantly. Say NO to paper orders


Care Questionnaires

Ask, discuss and share questions about health, problems, symptoms and conditions with certified experts across the globe round the clock with a click.


Disease outbreak forecast

Be the first to know about disease outbreak arround you and get updates, preventive measures from experts team in keeping certain disease at bay.


Digital results and e-Reports

CPOE from mycarevault pulls latest results from your testing centers and securely broadcast to your mobile app and sends a copy to your doctor’s dashboard.


Any where Clinical Summary

CCD from mycarevault gives a snapshot of your heath, current conditions, medication, allergies and other treatment related information to doctors requried in emergencies.


Preventive care assessments

HMO trackers from mycarevault send you timely updates on health maintenance and assessments and participation in HMOs is the best way to keep diseases at bay.


e-health payments gateway

Say no to CASH and bank cards, mycarevault prepaid payments are simple and sescure with your medical card. Just walk-in to any member healthcare facility and swipe.


Join mycarevault and make your practice interoperable and complaince to EMR Standards of India.


mycarevault transforms your existing EMR software interfaces into modern customizable data interoperable engines.

EHR agnostic

With Unified Health Data Semantics(UHDS)™ complicated integrations made simple.

Compliance to Govt. of India EMR Standards?

In August 2013, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare approved and released the Standards for Electronic Health Records.

Is your EMR software complaince? It is expected that the private players will also be mandated to comply in the next 2 years.Why change to a new software, when you can make it with your existing software.

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Unified Health Data Semantics-UHDS

Start communicating with both internal and external EMR, Lab Interfacing, Patient portals and HIE services in no time & Cost.

Become mycarevault member and get acceess to more than 13.5 million clinical & procedural concepts. UHDS can recognize codes from ICD9, ICD10 CM & PCS, Snomed-CT,LOINC, Radlex. Send and receive HL7 messages in simple plain text. UHDS is a machine managed plugin, so no training required and it is absolutely FREE!.


Access to patient portal

Users can sign in using their account, or create a new one using Facebook, update health, social and medication history, billing and


Express Patient Check-in

Users with their mobile app and RFID enabled medical UUID card can directly transfer medical records to hospital/doctors and can fill e-Forms via online


Computerized Orders (CPOE)

Send and receive computerized physician order entry (CPOE) from other care facilities with most accurate and in EMR recognizable languages.Say yes to electronic orders


Appointments Integration API

Get your personalized provider APIs, distribute and organize appointment provides like practo, qikwell, docengage into a single scheduler


Health Maintenance Alerts

Send health alerts, followup notifications to patients with simple interfaces, prioritize your spendings on SMS and calling


Track Patient's Prognosis

Get updates of patients prognosis directly into doctors with patients realtime, send reminders and change treatment and adjust medications online


Full fledged EMR

Claim your FREE fully loaded EMR which is compliance with meaningful use stage 2, HIPAA and ONC. Simple interface, no massive learning curve


Flexible Health Data Exchange

Get your EMR compliance with Govt. of India's EMR standards with a simple middleware. No HL7/ASTM knowledge required, No learning curve, No hidden cost, 100% FREE!

mycarevault Health Information Exchange

Allows most of our medical information is stored on papers talk to your healthcare team securely and in meaningful way

Nationwide e-Health Architecture (NeHA)™ is an non-profit inititive by mycarevault technologies,to promote meaningful, secure and encrypted exchange of protected patient’s vital medical and insurance information such as medical history, laboratory results, medications, diagnosis, procedures and demographic information. HIE Allows doctors, nurses, pharmacists, other health care providers and patients to appropriately communicate in a Unfied health language called as Unified Health Data Symentics (UHDS)™.


Vendor Neutral Developer's Platform

NeHA™ and UHDS™ are full-fledged vendor neutral API's. Map once and connect with many EMR vendors PAN India

NeHA™ architecture acts like secure HL7 bridge between your existing software and the HIE. UHDS™ is a unified clinical and procedural teminology semantics, you can connect with your existing local codes or can communicate with (Snomed-CT, ICD9, ICD10 CM & PCS, LOINC, Radlex Playbook). Connect and map your local codes with UHDS™, NeHA™ will direct all communications in which your client requried into.


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Behind the scenes

We are proud to be the first cloud-based electronic health Information Exchange (HIE) company in the Republic of India.

Founded in 2015 and is led by a seasoned team of technology and healthcare veterans, including practicing health advisors who work tirelessly to advance health technology. Our mission is to connect doctors, patients and data to drive better health and save lives.

Sathish Babu Ratakonda

Founder & CEO

Martin Derusha

Cofounder & CIO

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